The Soom Female Free Choice List

Well, if you are a fan of Gray, you will be very happy with the selection here-- you will need to double check the actual notice, but I think your choices are as follows:

Amber with fantasy ears-- Normal, Tawny, Gray
Cass human head -- Normal, Tawny, Gray
Migma, Vampire Head-- Normal, Tawny, Gray
Gneiss, yes with snakes and wings!--White, Tawny, Gray
Sweet Witch--Tawny. Aww, no ice blue :(
Cinderella Pointy Ears Head--Tawny, Gray
Breccia, Vampire Soul Stealer head--Tawny
Epidia, fang head--Normal, White, Gray
Ignim, both heads!--White, Gray
Odette human head and pretty winged crown--Tawny, Gray

Gneiss--heel feets
Sweet Witch--tail, fancy hands, yes wings, heel feet and I think the shoe feet, too

Cinderella--high heel feet and the heel/shoes combo, and now wings!
Epidia--cat legs, tail and hands
Ignim --regular human body
Odette--nice mid nails, heel legs
Breccia--long nail hands, high heel parts

Of these, a Tawny Vamp Migma (open eyes), Tawny Human Cass, or a Tawny Odette would be my choices, but the question in my mind is: are the Migma and Cass redone to fit the new body?--they are big heads for the new body. In which case the Tawny Odette would win for me. Tawny is such a pretty color, and so is Odette. But if you are into Gray, this is your FCE.