Souldoll's Anaele

So I am not buying dolls right now because a) I have a million of them, b) I am buying a giant truck transmission, and c) my computer is acting like the warranty has expired, which of course it has. This was why there was no post yesterday, the computer locked up and I just went to bed instead of rebooting it and fussing with it. But...

...because Anaele comes as a fullset with this gift (one doll, choice of faceup, the Hungarian Fantasy Princess, and ..the hippy chick option shown below, which is the one I want the most:)

Sadly, or perhaps luckily , all this wonder has a price tag of 1390.00 plus EMS, which is above my personal limit by 600.00. (Because at that price you can get a really nice computer and monitor...or part of a transmission).
(Though the transmission stands well, posing is limited)