The Naperville Doll Show

On Sunday I went again to the Naperville Doll Show--it's not really ball-jointed dolls--I would say it's 80% antique bisque and porcelain and Madame Alexander dolls, then the rest being miscellaneous Barbie and odd little things like Steiff stuffies, and one or two things that should be in a museum--this time I saw a 19th century handmade black doll with her hair in "Kente knots", but the knots were made of small iron bells; if I had a doll museum I would have snapped her up to go with last show's Hopi Kachina dolls and the Queen Anne wooden dolls. Akutenshi7's friend Megan, who does people jewelry, made some doll-sized pieces, and that is what I bought, along with a pile of discounted doll clothing. Her trade name is Whimsical Designs, and the website is
If you want to commission doll jewelry, be sure to measure with a string and a ruler the size you want--Megan has access to bjd dolls, but she doesn't have any at home, so it's easier if you know exactly the size you need. Here's a wider pic of what she brought to the show:
I also had a lot of fun talking again with Niborian Elf, who brought an Iplehouse Omar with her--I had only seen him in Light Brown, so I hadn't necessarily though of him as an elf, but seeing him in a long black wig made me think he's make a perfect one--he's just so pretty :D
Another, less grumpy shot:
(I kind of dig that hotel carpet). Here is someone I bought home from the show, alas to roll her for her clothes..she was 35.00, a very heavy porcelain doll:
She came with the blue dress, a full petticoat, tights, shoes and the hair pick--and a bit of guilt. I took off her wig, brushed it out, gave her a sponge bath to get rid of dust and show dirt, and repacked her in her box for the Goodwill with a sock dress, a dollar parasol and a 25 cent hat:
I also got one meter of feathers:
(Shushu is pretty sure I am not going to use them all). Here is the clothing stack:
The book is an English Costume book from Dover...maybe the best thing I found all day. It was so much fun!