Camigwen with a Face

So here is Camigwen with a fast faceup (still needs gloss and lashes).

 Today was a full day, which also included climbing on the roof, which I don't intend to do again when the sun is overhead..the roof gets hot. We still have a few tiny maple trees growing in our front gutter, but I am going to make a tool and poke them out from ground level instead of sliding around on my butt on a hot roof. We also went to the farm market and bought a few things. Not cabbage, though it looked awesome--one cabbage is a lot for 2 people.

I never did read the full sign about the Monkey Crisps:

But we did buy the Michigan Strawberries, because it was "the last week" for them ;)


  1. Awww I'm glad you got a soom alex! She's one of the most underappreciated soom girls imo. Very nice face up btw!

    I bought an alex off the mp a few months back and am loving her. One thing thats odd with mine is she has the thinnest elbow and ankle caps ove ever seen on a soom doll. I actually cut one of her ankle balls with a satin ribbon while stringing her O.O. Does your alex have such thin resin in those areas or did i just get lucky and get a particularly thin cast girl ?

    1. Wow, that is terrible! Her elbow caps are kind of delicate, but her ankle balls seem fine--Soom can get pretty careless when they are in a hurry; you can really see that on some event dolls. She is kind of a unique color, too--so maybe the best you can do is reinforce them with epoxy. I love her sculpt so much though--she is a little hard to photograph well but in person she is really lovely! Congratulations on having one! <3

    2. Lol I'd noticed she was way lighter than my Ns Amberyl girl! For a while there I though she might be a recast but she came with a legit CoA and her head stamp and details are crystal clear. I did a head swap with amber and there is no sign of shrinkage either so I think she just isn't sooms best take on QC.

    3. Soom always seems to have trouble matching resin batches too..the thin resin was a big problem with their later Super Gem Saiph bodies too (the new style body). I think sometimes they contract the casting out for the big dolls and it's not always a success.;)


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