Granado Jupiter's Head

Yes, he's here; and so amiable. He's a nice neutral color between Normal Yellow and Normal Pink, and would be super for any number of bodies if it wasn't for his huge Evol body neckhole--he's just a great sized head (8-9 for wigs). I did have to wrestle with ORD Customs a bit for him as once again the shipper for Granado didn't bother to sign the customs form swearing that all the infos were true on the form, so someone just shelved it at ISC until I wrote an email looking for it. They have no problem processing the larger boxes because (I think) the paperwork comes direct from Granado and everything is signed, but I will have to look into it. At least now I have a 1-800 number to call ISC Chicago direct if I can't find something. (Chinese EMS has it going on, by the way--they knew perfectly well that it had come out of Customs into a holding pattern, and even what time it passed through ISC.) Here's another photo:

So glad he's here safe, though now I need to get some dry weather to paint him. Also today came some hands from Alice's Collections! They shipped via DHL and came in just a few days, with no fuss whatsoever. Also I love dealing with Alice's--they are so pleasant to work with. Here are the hands, a larger male set that fit Rain the IOS G perfectly (yay!) and a more delicate female set in environmental resin that I think I bought to swap out one of the Soom girls' magnet hands, but I will have to look around and see for sure.

 They are a little smaller than Daisy's hands, but she might get them anyway--they are so pretty. I also have a trade body from Loongsoul that they might fit--one of those cartoony Big Bust ones. Clothes for her will be a challenge. :D


  1. That's a great looking head, can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. Thank you, he is a cutie pie! He's going to be a cheesy movie barbarian once he's painted up :D


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