The Hippie is Done!

I guess this is "Souldoll Fan Art"-- it was super fun to do. All the parts are washable by hand in warm water, too, dry flat. I discovered it is easy and fun to sew with those stretchy polyesters that make humans sweat, but fit all sizes of dolls. I went to the Salvation Army yesterday and bought a stretchy polka dot shirt to make into a doll dress later, once I finish some other projects!

Also, making doll stuff with yarn is quick and easy--apparently I remember how to crochet, and while I am still a very messy crocheter, I can actually make something... mostly flat... with it. :D
Here is the previous post showing the  outfit's progress.


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    1. Thank you! It made me appreciate how good the Souldoll tailors are..and no way would I want to do ten of even these "easy" outfits!

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    1. :D Thank you too! I am hoping to do more sewing later this week--everyone here needs clothes!


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