The Fabric Empire Strikes Again

So I have not been too happy with any of Captain Aldwood's wigs, and I thought I would try making a fur one, so I looked on the Internet to find some novelty fur in brown. And as usual Fabric Empire had the best selection (including fuchsia, which really wasn't appropriate for Aldwood), so I ordered a teeny one yard swatch, forgetting that Fabric Empire does nothing small, and the bolts are insanely wide. So I now have enough fur to make my own Wookie. At least I can mess up the first..100..wigs or so I make.

I also tried on one of the doll show dresses on Doria, who is the widest doll I currently own (not counting things like stuffed cats and Hello Kitty). The fit was not flattering but I can see how I can recut it to fit better. I like the color of the jacket especially:

I'll probably take off the bodice, split the front of the skirt, add a green petticoat and just redo most of the jacket to have a slimmer fit. She has stockings and really cute bloomers (you can't see) of the same satin. The shoes don't match, though I love them--they are a mashup of Korean and Western styles, from Iplehouse, and are very glamorous. Here's just Lady Aldwood's head:
That bodice has to go.