The Evol Body!

Here at last! I messed with it a bit, but I have other things to do as well, so I will do more with him next week..but Evil Fae Kees has a body! It poses more easily than the huge Dollshe Phillipe Grant did, and he is a bit lighter too, so it's all good. He wears EID tops and SID bottoms and 10 cm Uncle shoes, but you need to get back zipper, not side zipper, boots. Here he is partly dressed (stretch pants would be better):
Fully dressed with EID boots:
And he's been on a body 10 minutes and he's already draining the life out of stuff:
OK stop....
Maybe he needs a box of crackers or something....anyway, he's a really impressive sculpt and nicely posable. he doesn't seem as bulky as either the EID or Dollshe guys, and while he is bigger than the other Granado guys, he isn't out of range, either. He would look odd with the old Luts/ Delf large head, small body guys, but he can work with the Iplehouse dolls pretty well, especially the smaller girls. And for once, he has clothes right away ;)