2D Dolls

I was looking around the Den of Angels Marketplace (I have come down with an amazing snot cold, so I was doing nothing productive) and I saw a doll I hadn't ever seen before-- a curvy resin version of the Dollfie Dream anime girls. The company who makes them, 2D Dolls, I know nothing about, except that Alice's Collections carries the dolls, they are not cheap (around 500.00 for the basic girls, 450.00 for the bodies) and they are about 58 cm tall, not counting the heads. And they are much curvier than the usual bjd--not quite SuperSonico curvy, but enough that I keep eyeing my little Delf Soo head and wondering if she would fit on one of these bodies. Also Meng Meng is really cute. (That is Qian Ye up at the top). This is her sister Qian He:

For some reason the combination of the cute chair, the "cutie legs"... and the axe... makes me laugh. I also like Qian He's outfit a lot. I'm not quite sold yet on the anime faces, but seeing Senja's Dollfies on Grande Masquerade is making me like them more. :D