Sickress' Deesse

Sicktress finished up her artist's head, primered it, and sent it off to Harucasting to be cast up, and we had the fun of seeing Deesse go into, and come out of, the mold! Harucasting's Tumblr is so much fun. :D Sicktress did a small set of 10, and I was very fortunate to be able to get one. Even better, Sicktress painted mine! My head is a Celtic goddess, so Sicktress put a little Celtic triskele on her. Not surprisingly, Danu looks amazing in green. My only problem is that the Impldoll Idol body I was going to put her on  has a neck slightly too large to take Deesse's head. And it also really belongs to Erzulie; but I was hoping they could share.  So I looked around to test sizes, and the next best thing (though the wrong color) was a junky Soom body that I have as a spare; so I did a small photoshoot with that today:
I think she's gorgeous--I just need to get in a 70 cm Mirodoll girl body--it still will need a bit of color adjusting, but it will be in a dark tan and it should be tall enough. I love how versatile Deesse is--she makes a lovely Celtic goddess, but she could just as easily be Pele or a pretty modern woman (with elf ears). She just needs a tall body, 14mm eyes and a size 9 wig. I think she could rock a Nicki Minaj pink wig too! (I have to resist making her into Leetah from Elfquest... though I might do her the outfit just for fun).