Cloak for Chalyss

It's actually for Chalyss' Aaloriel, who is a Cedarheart Lillian head on a 72 resinsoul body. Poor Blue here gets to be the stand-in for height and shape, as I wrestle with the cloak--it started life out as some kind of flower girl? Baby Prom? dress and Chalyss recut it to more or less it's current shape. While the fabric is polyester, it's soft enough and silky enough to be pleasant to work with and the machine only has a little trouble keeping it moving through the feed dogs. My biggest problem was self-inflicted--I forgot to check what was in the bobbin when I made the casing for the drawstring, so the stitching is really obvious around the neck:
So to cover that up I am going to work some of that wild coral-like prom dress fabric over the stitching--not enough to make the gathering gum up, but hopefully enough to make the stitches less obvious:
Also it should work with the trim around the bottom of the cloak, which is the same stuff. Here is a side view of the collar:
And the back:
I'm not a doll tailor, I'm more of a "doll costumer" but when we are done with this, Aaloriel should be able to swan about. Her hair is the real showstopper, you have to see it on Chalyss' Flickr. Chalyss made that!


  1. See, things happen for a reason, the best designs are usually "Whoops, well, we can fix that..."
    Don't forget to pleat the lace into the collar ever so slightly to make it curve, but then you probably know that. Awesome-ness!

    1. Thank you! Yes, this stuff has a bit of "stretch" to it so it goes around the curve ok, but I am not going to anchor the bottom of it ..just put some beads on it to weigh it down and keep it from creeping up!


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