Saturday, April 23, 2016


Shelly (ErsaFlora) has relocated to the UK, and as part of the cleaning/moving process she offered grab bags of 20 pairs of eye for a very good price--and I am all about bags of eyes. Though I am not sure you can call it a "blind bag" if it's full of eyes? Anyway, I received the bag and it was full of treasure! I actually use those novelty colors so I was thrilled to see the sparkles and ringed eyes--here are some more:
And yes, some more!
So while a lot of today was spent outside weeding, raking and digging, some of it was spent inside trying eyes in various heads. Everyone looks great--I just can't decide who gets which eyes..they are so sparkly :D


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    1. It is a wow. I never would have bought so many full price unless I won the lottery, but you know if I DID win the lottery, there would be a pile of eyes big enough to roll in delivered to my house. I love those things ! :D


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