Monday Already

Angela here looks pretty much like I did this morning..sweats and a dressing gown, with her own doll (a very messed-up Liliana Vess I got off a sale table). If you buy your own Liliana, be sure that she is Removed From Box and that she is functionally movable. We are all recovered from last week's food poisoning episode, but I'm still tired--I did manage to do the floors and the kitchen, and do a few hours of actual work on the computer: but I didn't get around to dyeing a doll body, finishing a wig I am working on, or either painting Snow White/Ashley or sewing a overdress for Deesse, Sicktress' girl, who might be here Wednesday.
J did finish the blanket chest, aka The Ark of the Covenant:

It should hold most of our blankets over the summer--I need to get some more lavender bags to throw in there as well. I also got some fun mail--a box of wonder from Chalyss, full of gorgeous batik clothing (!) and a box from Pegapup, containing a doll that we have been passing back and forth for years-- this is Kaspar, a Soom Sphaler who was here last for the 2012 Christmas party, I think--he's still really handsome: (his faceup is by Buff).
I also accidentally took a photo of Stripey being a Magical Twirling Head Cat:

Hopefully more will get done tomorrow.