Everquest EID

So this is K's first faceup,on an Iplehouse Luna, based on some You Tube makeup maven's "do." (I also got to see YouTuber Jeffrey Star, who looks like one of my Granado boys with someone else's faceup ;)) I wanted to see how K would paint a head without being influenced by what is currently fashionable in faceups, and the results are pretty neat--I think Luna looks like an online rpg character now, so she will get a not-PC Elf Magic User outfit with some of the trim and thrift store repurposed silk I found this weekend. I might slim down her lower lip--it's pretty full anyway and the underlining makes it maybe more dramatic than it should be, but I want to live with it for a while first.

Akutenshi and I found a perfect chair this weekend, and then I went out again with K we found a "cake safe" made from a tiny cover and a candleholder, and a lot of other neat things. The chair and cake safe (and beer stein) are shown here:

Akutenshi also spotted an Aleen's glue product that we decided might make great sculpey eye corneas:

I've tried the transparent Fimo that you cook.. that was a fail, it gets cloudy, and Modge Podge Dimensional, that dries clear but tends to get bubbles. This Aleen's stuff dried clear and seems less prone to bubbling, and doesn't level out as much as the Modge Podge does:

(That is eye putty underneath the eye, btw). The eyes look pretty wodgy outside of an eye, but not too bad in an eye, and they are great if you are waiting on "professional" eyes but don't want your doll sitting around eyeless. Here they are in an Iplehouse Doria:

The Doria, by the way, came direct from Iplehouse on a Large Bust EID--it turns out that I like her so much better on the Medium Bust EID body that shipped with the Tokyo Story Asa since she has a rather delicate face, and the rounder Luna looks better on the larger-bust body.


  1. Is K taking commissions? Because that is very very nice. She looks very real and natural.

    1. No, I think she was humoring me by painting a doll, but I was so happy she did :D And thank you!


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