Two Pairs of Resinsoul Jointed Hands

Resinsoul has started to make jointed hands for 60cm males now, and I wanted to get a pair for my Immortality of Soul G--his hands are beautiful, but not useful; and as a carpenter he really does need posable fingers. So I ordered a NS pair and a WS pair, hoping to get something like the IoS pale pinky-white.

Alas, when they came, I realized they would be too small--the IoS body has Soom Super Gem-sized hands, and these hands were quite small--they are exactly the size of female Souldoll Zenith hands. This is not a bad thing, because my ladies need workable hands, too. I tried them out on Cecilia, my Granado Katrien/Dollzone hybrid first (the DollZone body came to me with Delf hands, which were ok but a bit small for Cece's fat head ;)

But Resinsoul NS is much lighter and pinker than Dollzone NS, so her Granado male hands went back on. (They are actually ok for her, just a bit square across the backs).
So I went and got out Abraxas (FL Celine/Souldoll hybrid) instead-- she needs to hold all kinds of things, too, and the white RS hands turned out to be almost perfect--a little whiter than her creamy white, but easily blushed to match, and the exact size of her default Souldoll hands:

Now I had to find a home for the Normal Pink set, and I thought maybe my EID Doria could use some more versatile hands--but the size was too small...

So I thought I would try them on the smaller Iplehouse Bianca:

Not bad, but not really the right color either, and her default hands are so pretty I thought she didn't need any different a vampire, she doesn't do a lot of manual labor anyway. There was one more candidate for new hands, and that was Chrystalle, my Karena head on the Mirodoll 60 body--it's a great body for how cheap it is, but the hands are very basic. It turns out that the Resinsoul hands are perfect in size and close enough in color, so now Chrystalle can cause all kinds of trouble instead of just gesturing with her flippers:D

The hands look wonderful, and the price is very reasonable for the amount of labor it takes to cast and string those things. They are small, and if you want them to hold anything they will need wire. I have found having one hand jointed and the other hand fixed works well for being able to both "hold" and support small objects. And I have to say I love Resinsoul's quick shipping and pleasant customer service!