Soom Brett:Phoenix/Unicorn/Badass

No, it's not an April First offering (for that you need to go look at Granado's Nano Doll, which I actually would have room for). No, this guy comes in one color, cream white, but has two options for fantasy parts--my favorite which is the "Dark Phoenix" style with head feather, mobile foot claws, and ..jointy clawed hands. (The hands are a separate 170.00 on the drop down menu).

Also, he is on the New New Body, which looks like it's a bit slimmer than version 1, with a lot of detail.

I will leave you to go check out the audaciousness of having the claw feets fit over hooves, and the Isha-like twisted unicorn horn, also very cool. I am flat out of room here, or I would be so tempted! Here is Brett's Sales Page. There is also a more affordable and rather boring human version, if you just like his head (which I admit is nice, but after seeing the Feathery Unicorn Demon just seems anticlimactic.)

Here's the 2016 body:

The elbows look good--I am not sure how different/posable the leg setup is on this 2016 version, but there are more pix here.