Peonies And Luts Chloe

She's Chibi Ereshkigal here, and so much fun! I have never had a Super Delf before, just the old Delfs..Delves? She's very posable but has really wild legs--at the moment she has her "heel legs" on so she can wear those boots, but check out how her legs are held on:
That's it--her previous owner sueded her hips (that is the dark stuff you see) and it seems to be very useful, since the leg elastic just loops over those pegs. Mostly she sits and stands fine--she wants to have the leg elastic pop off if you move them too much to the side, but most humans can't do side splits either. I need to put on her flat feet and see how they work as well. She has cute little hands:
(Sitting without propping, too) Here she is standing on uneven ground, though her knees do bend a little backwards, which also suprises me:
I have to glue up some Blue Otter Paradise horns for her (I haven't had a chance to yet), but she is a standard size and so has a lot of ready-made clothes, which is delightful. :D
The other thing I did was take photos of these ridiculous peonies that we bought--I think they must have come from Mars or something to already be in bloom, but here they are:

I wish I could get them year-round, like the roses! They smell amazing, too.