How Big Is A Soom Mecha Angel?

Almost half as tall as I am :). That is a Soom Elf Sabik that I got in a trade with a local collector, and he was one of the best things I have ever gotten in a trade! He's a decent poser, too, if you are patient. Boots help too, to support his ankles. I need to wire his arms, but his legs have been no problem, and he sits well too. Here he is with a Resinsoul Long body:
And here he is with a Dollzone 72 body (I think it was a Hong body when Hong was new):

Here he is with an Impldoll Idol (72cm). The Idol has a much bigger neck.

Almost all his height is in his legs, sitting down he works fine with other dolls:

I should really put him back in his "own" shirt--but that shirt that aernath made makes me laugh so much I haven't had the heart to change it.