Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thranduil, Cake and a Box

This is a Thranduil/Minimee Lee Pace from a Russian artist "Owl", and here is the OwlsMoorBjd Etsy, though it's not populated at the moment:

And here is Owl's Flickr: Sleep-Owl

I'm Thranduil's third owner, I got him from Loptr on Den of Angels, and he is Mighty Fine. A nice sized head too--not tiny, not huge; a pleasant, pale Normal Pinky. He will probably need custom eyes though, as none of the ones I have here quite fit his eyewells.

We haven't done a lot here--somehow we all picked up some stomach bug somewhere and spent Wednesday feeling pretty terrible, but today was better, and K did some crafts, including painting a box:

I also goofed around with Luna, and succeeded in making her hair a mess--I need to set her wig/hair in some kind of curlers. We did go out long enough to poke around at the Craft Store that Will Not Be Named and find the ship's wheel I have been trying to find elsewhere for months: the wheel is down in the right-hand corner of the photo.

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