Princess Sparkle

Akutenshi7 came to visit today, and brought her newest arrival--a fullset Angell Studio Claudia2. I said Princess Sparkle's full name is "Princess Sparkle Mc Smileypants" because not only is she very twinkly but she smiles as well--look at this cutie:

(I don't look that cute when I wake up). Also she came with a glorious dress and shoes:

And wee little elf ears! (Which were delicately blushed too--she had the nicest faceup!

So altogether she is the most perfect little elf princess ever and I am sure Akutenshi will give her a more dignified name than "Sparkle" :D Akutenshi also lent me her Volks Zoukemura spray (you can have no truer friend than someone who will let you use something that has to come by boat from Japan, and then truck freight the rest of the way).
As far as I can tell, Zouk spray is slightly cheaper than Mister Super Clear and also doesn't fog up on colored resin, because I did Ashley and she didn't fog even after 3 coats:

(Ashley still needs her eyelashes and clothes...Akutenshi made her wig!) So it was a very fun day. The cat helped make the bed today too: