More Soom New 2016 Body Pix (slightly NSFW)

Soom has put up more images of the 2016 body. I like it--it's very slim, especially in the thighs, but it has that Faery King/otherworldy look that is nice for fantasy dolls. It's also a cm taller than the 2012 body. I think the calves look a lot better now, and I like the "dorito" shape of the torso. I wish Soom sold bodies separately. :) Here is the measurements from the illustration:


Shoulder Width=13cm

Chest Circumference=29cm






Note that Brett's head (shown here) is a bit large on the old body if someone does a split. I am not sure where Soom is measuring for the leg and arm measurements, either. Some measurements are the same--the hands are the same for 2012 and 2016, wig size is still 8-9, eyes are 12mm-14mm depending on the look you want, neck size is the same for putting heads on, and the feet are the same.