Cuprit Hooves

I know Soom did some clear blue Cuprit feet for one of the FreeChoice events, but I never thought I would find them, as I was sure they had cast only a few of them; probably for people who really wanted them. But I did find a pair last week--from Texas, of course. So now Carissa has actual Cuprit hooves instead of Beryl hooves, and the Beryl feet went off to Sicktress today. The hooves work really well, but you do need to cushion them between the "hock" and the top of the hoof part. Rajendora sueded a Super Gem girl a while back using thin craft foam, and it worked really well--you can shape it to fit and use a nondescript color as needed. This was important with these hooves because they are so translucent.
Standing up. (Though you can't see her feet). I was amused at the cat. For some reason the cat likes to hang out with Carissa.
"What are we looking for?"