Sculpey Hand

When I bought my Delia secondhand, she came with a broken finger (we joke that this is a sign of a genuine Impldoll). Impldoll was willing to cast and ship a new hand to Delia's first owner, but the owner found it easier to sell her, and I just figured I would make a sculpey finger and glue it on. It's a hassle to get fingers to stay on hands, though, so I thought it might be easier to just make a new hand out of sculpey, especially as the set I got for Christmas had a block of Sculpey that was exactly the right color to match the body. Here is the original hand and the Sculpey one with it's current owner, an Impldoll Bella (Erzulie). Erzulie might have to timeshare with Sicktress' Deesse head, so I wanted to be sure everything worked OK on that body--or at least so there weren't any missing fingers.

The hand itself is a bit lumpy--I found out that you can't sand or carve the hand after you cook it, because the sanding and carving show up as much lighter than the original shape--just like on resin dolls; so the place on the back of her hand where I tried to define it a bit more looks odd. The palm side is pretty sketchy too, but hey, a complete set of fingers! I also love pointer hands because they can be such comedy gold. The hand has a hook embedded in it (cooked in) and was finished with the Sculpey Glaze, which looks suspiciously like regular old Liquitex Gloss Varnish. It dries well, though--it's not sticky once it dries.I might either paint a henna design on the back of the hand to hide the odd spots or maybe just make her a little fingerless glove...but not today.


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    1. Thank you! It looks a little unfinished to me, since I had planned on sanding and refining it more after it was cooked. My next one will be much better :D


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