Monday, April 25, 2016

Thranduil Updated

So he's got a face, though somehow I did not do the Lee Pace brows justice, and eventually I will have to go back and add more. This photo was also "how many other dolls can we steal from--since the wrap is Danu's, the hair belongs to my Breccia, and the upside-down tiara is Sophie Cushion's. The eyes are his own, part of the treasure hoard of eyes from Ersa Flora, and size 12mm. He's on a NP Impldoll Star body, and aside from how buff it is, it's actually a good size for him. I would like to get more elegant hands for him, but for now, he has hands, and that is a plus.
I tried doing some of the pastel blending with makeup brushes and I have to say it does work better than Q tips--the set I used were cheap ones from Target and while they do shed hair, they worked pretty well:

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