One Off Knockoff

So Arekushia and I have a split up on Den of Angels for Souldoll's Anaele--I would take her head and makeup, and Arekushia would take the New Zenith body and the Hippy outfit..the problem is that it leaves the Giant Fantasy Hungarian Princess Dress of Epic Proportions unclaimed, since neither of us has anyone would would wear it. Also it is Very Expensive. So it's not looking too good for anyone else to show up before June 29th to lay claim to it, and Arekushia is not going to get the Hippy dress the normal way--and it seems unlikely it will surface later on the secondary market, as it is being sold as a gift with the  HPD as a bundled deal. And I thought that was a shame, as the Hippy Outfit is a cute item... and Arekushia provided my Soom Agate for me a while back, as well as most of Agate's dress and arm things. I also realized that I had that net fabric in the basement AND the leaf that you see hanging from her belt in the store photo below:

Also the chain that the leaf is on, is here. I thought I had the angel wing charm as well, but I couldn't find it. (I did eventually find it, tried it on the choker, didn't like it, and put on a butterfly instead):

 I also didn't want to copy the outfit exactly, and there were parts I wasn't charmed by--I didn't like the giant button decorations on the shirt and the belt, and craft store moss isn't washable, so I made some "moss" from yarn, and I will make more to hang off the belt. I also took off the chain on the choker and swaped it out for a nicer (and longer) bit of chain from the stuff I ordered from Etsy, the 80 yards of "antiqued chain". The trim around the neck of the blouse is crocheted yarn. I did have to buy the green begonia from Joann's, but if I had looked harder at the source photo I would have bought green wired ribbon instead and made my own ribbon rose--I still might.

 The pants need a lot more work--I hate sewing and fitting them and these were as bad as any I have made, but a nice waistband and a dart or two should help a lot. They are just a stretch net material with some lace and beading set on them, instead of the pieced fabric the originals are made of. Then I need to make the belt, the arm decoration-- and make sure I didn't miss a place sewing down the lace on the pants. All in all, not bad for 2 day's work! I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. And if the split falls through, Arekushia will still have her outfit, or at least something similar... if a bit wonkier. :D

Now like Mom Pants, but at least with an even waistband:

I think instead of the chain around the wrist, I will make her a little charm bracelet.
And as of 6/23, the charm bracelet is done! Iris is back in her "own" hair and I am working on the belt--the chain needs to be shortened and more green and fluff added to the "moss" as well as hooks to make the belt a little more adjustable.
I had hope to send matching shoes but those Souldoll feet are really big--I couldn't even squeeze them into my Impldoll Ingrid heels, though they came sooo close!
And here it is all done!
Charm bracelet with a cat ;)

Iris, the model, is a Fairyland Celine 60 sleeping head, grafted onto a Souldoll Zenith body.
If you read the comments, lunarbackbone mentions another Souldoll dress that she got for her Amber, and it is magnificent:
Check out her whole Flickr!


  1. Looks totally excellent! What a fun project. Hope you find someone who wants that super fancy dress! Souldoll has some really lovely clothes.

    1. Thank you! It's been amazingly fun--and I have my fingers crossed we have a taker for the Giant FLoofy Dress but it would have to be a hardcore collector at that price. The dress of Souldoll's that I really love is that white one made of ruffly gauze they made for Paratiisi--supposedly it fills a whole dresser drawer :D

  2. Oh my, yeah! That one is spectacular - slightly creepy and totally cool. I snapped up the green wool robe/jacket with Huuuuge sleeves awhile back and I'm not sure I've been more happily surprised - the buttons were a range of amber shades and the leather belt was extra excellent and the green material! Wowzers - so nice. I've recently put it on my Amber and I'm completely happy with the combo.

    But yeah - the Giant Floofy Dress... if it were in a style that I liked - I think I could be crazy enough to spend wicked amounts on a Souldoll outfit (aaand did once) - I have been that impressed with their craftsmanship.

    1. I'm going to have to check your flickr for that dress! Your dolls are always so well dressed <3

  3. <3 thank you. This hobby has got me good. So many beautiful things - so many lovely folks! AAaand I... might have taken her (and the robe) out right after I posted to get photos - as it seems I didn't upload any (I thought I had when it arrived). Nice day for it! The light really made her eyes shine! <--- I think they used some of the same fabric on the outfit you emulated ;3

  4. Drat! Flickr went crazy aaaand I ended up deleting the ONE photo I linked >< Hope your weekend is going well! The gardens are looking great!


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