Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Beachgirl Wig

I bought a fur wig from Beachgirl for Aelfric--I really like her wigs, and she is pleasant to buy from. She's Beachgirl on Den of Angels, and Beachgirlnikita on ebay, which is where I usually buy her stuff because it's easy. I bought some clothes too--all very inexpensive but well-made.


  1. Aelfric is so adorable. *_* I like how you did the eyebrows and the blushing on his face. Hope you can do more outside shots with him! He seems made to be wandering out in cold weather. x3

    Sigh. I love Sabik.

  2. I do too--I was so lucky to be able to swap for him! And I will have months of cold weather ahead to take pix, so it's good he doesn't mind.:D


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