Kittens, Celine Progress, and Shiloh

J made me a tall work table last week so I could stand and work on dolls, and which makes it easier for me to work on some small paintings.

It also instantly became a table to hold flowers, the cat, a papier mache dinosaur, and the card that Zelda sent me as a cheer-me-up card. Really, you cannot look at this card and not smile--kitten wreaking havoc in ways that only kittens can. Plus it's just an awesome little bit of paper engineering--the swing really swings!

The kitten in the center with one eye open, trying to sleep, was me last night--apparently an ambulance and some squad cars used my long driveway as a parking lot around 4 AM, and aside from seeing some lights on my ceiling (which I assumed was a cop car pulling someone over for running the stop sign) I have no idea what went on--I figured that if there was anything really going on someone would knock, and I was tired. I still have no idea what happened since I haven't talked to my neighbor across the street, who usually knows what is going on, though I did learn from my hairdresser that a coyote stole a chicken from my neighbor on the corner last week--while my neighbor was standing in the yard!:o

While I haven't made much progress with digital painting, I did do another render of Gypsyangel's Shiloh, and a dress I retextured from one of the abstracts I made last Monday:

I also worked on Dollhausen's Celine. It's a tiny painting; the beads on her arm aren't much bigger than a period on a computer keyboard, and the real Celine is prettier.

I decided not to show her joints, and make her look a bit blurry and insubstantial, with the roses equally mysterious; and mostly it works, though I need to add some very thin strands to her hair and give her a final coat of damar varnish spray. Now if I could just get the tablet to stop chewing on my shoulder, I would be nearly caught up!