More Sabik, now Named

Aelfric (and that is a name that seemed to fit, after trying a few others) is now somewhat painted, though I am afraid it will all come off again, as I sprayed on the porch at 45 degrees F during a sleetstorm. But I just hate having them sit around blank, and I wasn't willing to mail him off to be done professionally at this time. (Aelfric says "Your cat is insane". Of course he is right.)

Here's a bald shot:

And two with a wig. I like that wig, but it has a black liner and it hides his ears, so it may need to be replaced with something else.


  1. He looks very modern celtic. And urbanized Elf perhaps, in for a pint and some fish and chips, none of your leafy greens for this fellow. I love the eyebrows, just perfect!

    LOL, photobomb cat!

    1. That's exactly what I had in mind for him--I was hoping he could hang out with the 18th century peeps, though he will tower over them ;) The cat is so silly! She wanted me to swing a string for her instead of moving the doll around.


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