Pixeluna's Lavinia (again)

Here she is being a product demonstrator for my abstract backgrounds; I managed to get all the promotional stuff in the right order and the right size and uploaded at Renderosity, so I can stay on the vendor rolls. Aside from making some small money there, I get to read all the vendor gossip on the private "Vendor forum", which is as good as anything on reality TV. Artists are great drama llamas. :D


  1. I'm just popping in here to let you know, I'm starting a Sunday recommendation thing, and you're my first rec. I hope you don't mind. ^_^

    cue suspicious url post that will get caught in spam:

    1. I don't mind at all! (And yes, bjds are kind of odd, but the "Poser dolls" are even odder, and I have done historical recreation and sf convention stuff too.) I kept the Elizabethan ruff I made because it was such a pain to make. :D

    2. And you never know when an Elizabethan ruff might go well with a leather mini skirt and tube top. This I learned from Alexander McQueen.


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