Soom takes a Poke at Luts

"Haha! We can make adorable centaurs too..IN GRAY. WITH WINGS."

Yes, Bygg and Beyla now are avian, and have a cute little backstory, too.

Sales Period Nov 14th to December 1st, and here is the Sales Page.

Ilsonya found the new centaurs before I did, and she also posted up a photo of Volks, five years late to the fantasy party and quite bewildered by this wing stuff, attempting something Soom-like:



  1. I just realized how potentially scary flying centaurs are. But that's just from growing up mucking out after horses.
    This design war is getting entertaining! ^_^

    1. OMG never thought of that! Hats would become popular fast! :o

    2. Oh lord, you're right! D:

      Look out for falling horse-apples. @_@


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