Miss Universe 2013, Via Tom and Lorenzo

Yes, it's that time of year again, where Tom and Lorenzo examine, and speak for, the contestants in the Miss Universe Pageant. I laughed so hard, but I like Australia's take on the Great Barrier Reef and Puerto Rico's Black Magic Mermaid. Alas for the US, since they had to use Michael Bey as the designer. Maybe next year...




Thanks to Laura for finding the links, in order!


  1. XD Thank you so much for posting these links! And I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything while perusing them.

    Many of those costumes were... horrifying. XD But I did like Puerto Rico's too, very nice. Reminds me of one of the classier Disney villains. Like Maleficent...

    1. I also rather like Malaysia's... except for that gawd-awful shoe. D: I don't know why people insist on stripper heels nowadays.

    2. LOL I don't either--they are tough on your feet. Tradition, maybe :D


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