Rabbit Season

Aww, I came to laugh... but I love her face and her outfit! Alas that the doll money is all spent--though she is available in kit form, too--Soom says they will be sending out the kits "in smaller boxes" which I hope means that they will at least double box the fragile parts like the bunny hands. You should go see Little Red Riding Rabbit here and admire her cloak:

Miss Red's Sales Page (link goes to kit page)


  1. Oh, now Soom is fighting dirty. How can Iplehouse top this? Soom has redefined the 'playboy' bunny look in such a classy iconoclastic way. Making her "Red", the big bad wolf killer, in the bargain, empowers her despite the 'bunny' factor. I think IH needs to withdraw from the contest now.
    And she's one of the most charming and intelligent faces I've seen on a Soom girl. You can tell Topaz is her 'older sister' before the usual marginal change in sculpt.

    1. I agree that she looks like one of the most intelligent Soom girls! And when you read the copy it makes you think she's packing grenades in the treat basket ;) When they first said they were doing fairy tales I did an eyeroll, but it's been a great year...who knew the Witch in Hansel and Gretel would have been so much fun, for instance? And the Human Puss and Hook were both fab!


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