Rose Pest and a Sneeze

I was walking past the kitchen and I happened to look into the dining room, and Stripey was looking..sort of shifty. So I walked over to the table and looked at the roses:

Oh Stripey, why do you eat the roses? At least they won't hurt her, unlike some other things she could eat (all her cat toys have to be leather, cardboard or feathers because she is a chewer). Then she moved over to the work table,to sit by Aelfric. Here Aelfric says "Your cat is going to sneeze."

And of course he was right..all over his shoes. I didn't get the final eye-squeezed sneeze because I was laughing too hard, and it was a total blur of a photo.

For some reason Stripey likes Aelfric.


  1. It's so strange, how cats have facial expressions people can read. It seems to me that usually about the time they are five in people years, they're pretty much 'humanized' in their own catty way.

    LOL, post or pre-sneeze face? I think Stripey liking Aelfric is a sure sign your doll is alergic to cats. ~_^

    1. It's true--maybe we just get good at reading ears and tails, too.

      That goofy expression was all pre-sneeze..maybe Stripey is allergic to Aelfric. Aelfric hasn't sneezed so far :D


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