Ok, I know the outfit is odd (it looks like the love child of a Royal Navy lieutenant and a hoodie), and he probably has too much eyeliner, but that is a Mecha Angel Elf Sabik. I have only ever seen two in the years I have been collecting dolls--Buff had one, and there is Candygears' Mr. Have in Seattle, whose box I now own. So I never even put an Elf Sabik on my mental wishlist, even though Sabik was the original model for one of the characters in the web comic that I haven't worked on for..oh..two years now, with moving and whatnot. And once Soom said "No mas" with the Mecha Angels I thought well, that was that. But it turns out that there is one so close to me... I can drive there in my car. My car! So Sunday I am taking up one of my guys and hopefully I will find the owner's house and there will be an exchange, and I will come home with a Elf Sabik. Which, I am embarassed to say, I already have clothes and shoes and a wig that I have been saving up since about 2009 "just in case". I'm just a little excited. Mr. Elf is big, too..he's 80 cm, but I know he will fit in the closet with the other peeps, because last year I measured. :D


  1. Wow! Congratulations! Holy crap! Sabiiik!!!

    *flails excitedly--much like a Muppet*

    Please post All the Pics. x3

    1. I know..I've been doing the flail dance ever since I found out. Sunday seems so faaaaar away!! And thank you and there will be pix!!


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