Three Halloween Cats and a Pumpkin

Tuppy approves of having his tummy rubbed, though Greg Frost's cat thinks the camera should be put away and the tuna should come out:

And then there is Stripey,for whom we had to actually turn off "The Mummy" last night because the scarabs scared her. She did the same thing with the little skittery things in Hellboy2--she was glued to the TV, terrified. I have the only cat in the world that actually get scared at horror movies, though to be fair I think it's the combination of the sound effects and the motion on the screen, and that we don't watch TV very often. Here she is under a piece of fabric that was over a doll immediately before she climbed under it.

Back in Philadelphia, Wally Hayman carves a pumpkin--as an Emily Dickinson cameo. I knew he was a brilliant guy and a sound technician for some very famous people, but I had no idea he could carve awesome pumpkins.:

Here Mr. Roboto is very excited to get his own little pumpkin:

We did get three trick-or-treaters at 9 PM (my neighbor Randy's kids), and we divided up the entire pot of candy among them and turned off the light. (Wally gets something like 350 kids at Halloween, I feel like I should chip in to supply him with candy). And now it's officially "the Holiday Season".