Testing some Poser Products, and Renderosity's Grab Bags

I'm not good at modelling, but I can paint up a model if the mapping is not too distorted. One of the criteria for me taking on a re-texturing project is that I have to really like the model, because I will be stuck rendering it over and over..and over...again. So I have quite a few candidates in my computer right now. This is a Danie and Marforno pyramid set that you can't really see, because you are "inside" the larger pyramid, and it comes with stuff. Lots of stuff. There is a smaller pyramid too, which I wasted some time trying to open before I realized it's just a, well, pyramid.

Here is the smaller pyramid, with a V4-based girl I got as a "grab bag" or hidden omake item from a Renderosity.com sales promotion. (You add the "grab bag" at checkout at Renderosity when you buy something, and then when they send you the download links, you find out what you have received. I won Polygon Miley Cyrus, aka "VH Amylia for V4".)

While I have no idea what I will do with Miley, I am totally charmed with the whole grab bag experience, especially since I seem to unerringly get the fun things. My friend Andy said she didn't go for the Grab Bag last time because "there was a clown". I went back and looked at the page that shows what the selection of grab bag items were and there was indeed a clown--I hadn't even noticed before. The previous month's grab bag netted me a little Goth chick, rendered here, named DollzCorbin, by 3d Sublime Productions:

In any case, I looked at the first render I had put together, and decided I was not going to retexture the girl's outfit (Exnem's Rogue Outfit for V4) because there wasn't enough of it, but the outfit on the guy "Prae's Hellion for M4" is a good possibility because I have done Prae's clothes before and they are really well constructed and mapped. And it would be fun to render Laura's Zane over and over again while he modelled the Hellion. :D The pyramid set would be fun, but there is an awful lot of it to cover (tables, lamps, mysterious steampunk machinery). I also have a catsuit laying around for me to experiment with, and some half-baked skins for HiveWired 3d's Dawn. I just have to get my arm back up to speed so I can use the tablet, though I have been getting stuff done by mousing left-handed and scanning stuff.