Soom Super Gem Girl Free Choice

Dear SOOM fans,

Hi ~ ^^

We will organize a Female Super Gem Free Choice event soon !

Event period: November 6th ~ November 20th 2013 (2 weeks).

More details will be given through a new notice in the next days, please check it out later !

Thank you for your attention ~

SoOM staff <3



  1. ARRGH! Now that I seriously can't they taunt meeee! Oh well. *eye roll*

    1. I know--I am hoping it is Breccia, Clozel and Amphibel, none of which I need. :D (Let's be honest, I don't NEED any doll until the ones I have are dressed and have shoes!)

    2. If I hadn't gritted my teeth and ordered the look-alike-girl's head, I'd be hoping myself silly for the next few days. (only to have my internet go out the day of the ordering, no doubt. >.<;;) I'm not up enough on Soom to know what goes on with their ordering, but if I ever win the lottery, I'm sure I'll learn way to fast. O_o

    3. It's no harder to get stuff from Soom than from PC just need PayPal and follow their directions. They do layaway (you use the Q and A board to tell them when you pay a installment) Otherwise you just pay via PayPal like for anything, it's the usual PP form and everything. It's even easier than Iplehouse, who for some reason hides the total you paid until AFTER you pay. Gah.


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