Coquina and Cuprit

I am thinking of trading Myrtle off to a house where she will have clothes made for her--while I have been diligent in buying her wigs and shoes, she's had exactly one dress that was hers, ever. Since she is split across two dolls (her hooves are on Carissa) I though I would take a few minutes today and take head and hoof photos for anyone who wanted owner pix before ordering a Free Choice Coquina. Her hooves are pretty--they aren't as stable as Beryl's hooves, but they are easier to slip clothes on over. And they are cute!

Here's the undignified full shot of them both--Myrtle's arm turned out to be the easiest way to prop up Carissa's skirt:

Here is Carissa by herself--her faceup is by Charie Wilson, her lip is slightly sanded as well:

And Coquina's cute little ears!

Coquina takes bigger than usual eyes, too--those are 16mm in there. The wig is an 8-9, same as all the supergems I have had.