Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coyote and Crow

Yes, there it is. I first saw it out my dining room window next to my neighbor's pool, and I though "Man, that is one ugly dog" before I switched to my distance glasses. He was just wandering around--he sniffed for a second around the neighbors yard, found some of Scooter's poop, and decided to leave. He did stop across the street to look at the barbeque, or maybe ask if Little Red Riding Hood was home.

All I know is if I find him on my back deck, he's getting the Louisville Slugger applied to his ugly hide.

In more cheerful news, there is a cute new Soom guy fairy in town, "Crow":

He's got Migma-like wings, a great face, and is apparently the Insomnia Fairy, because sleep is boring. I suspect he might secretly be The Caffeine Fairy, which is another reason to like him. It's a good thing I don't collect this size or I would be swimming in these guys--they are very well made. Here he is in his feet (he has human feet as well) and wings:

It would be fun to suspend him from a monofilament line from the ceiling so he could "float" over a workdesk.


  1. Wow, that is a ratty coyote. Ours look big as german shepherds and too healthy. They also dig under fences and make off with the mop dogs around here.

    1. Ours look like zombie coyotes..mangy and awful. My neighbor up the street keeps chickens and I think they come to look, and then discover that there are 2 great Danes there. I don't mind the skunks, the raccoons or even the hawks, which are at least beautiful, but the coyotes can all disappear if I had my way.

    2. Or at least say in their own habitat and not mess with ours. It's obviously not good for them back east. The foxes moving into cities in Germany are suffering the same thing, a friend told me. All mangy and tiny.


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