Mitsuwa November Doll Meet

Once again J and I went up to Mitsuwa, partly to score exotic cream soda for a co-worker of J's who collects them (!) and partly to visit everyone's dolls. I was, as usual, a poor journalist and missed taking photos of about half the dolls because I was chatting. But here are two of Akutenshi7's girls, a pair of Minifee fresh from the customizer and a very smug looking Resinsoul Ju, who I think is charming. She also had just gotten in a Free Choice Soom Borol, with the cutest little hooved feet, which I totally did not take a photo of, since I was so fixated on his cute little horns and outfit. I also always forget how big those Soom msd are; he's fairly tall and very detailed, and his fullset is full of little leather accents, lace and beads. There is a lot of labor in that outfit!:

Then there was dollcrazy's little cutie--I just fell in love with this sweet face, but dollcrazy was a little dubious about finding clothes for her as her legs and arms are so small in relation to her body.

My opinion is to just find a fat satin ribbon or a small sock and you are good to go :D. She also had a small clan of pukifee, all perfectly groomed and dressed, that I forgot to photograph, and two surprisingly large Kaye Wiggs girls; a Nellie (I think) and the cat girl from Avatar.

And yes, she is supposed to be a blue-green, it's not my camera this time, though the Mitsuwa lights do their best to give us that "under the sea" look. Then there was this adorable bunneh hatted girl whose mold I should recognize, who I think belongs to iKittyCat

And then here is Dakotah's Peakswood Goldie girl shyly holding the hand of her leather-splendid BFF, with a Pipos kitty on the right and part of a frog-hatted shy tiny.

Here are two more of Dakotah's cuties--and she had found two keychain tennies that were different enough to serve as a left and a right shoe! (Once I went through the entire display at Claire's looking for a single right shoe, but no joy)

That is a closeup of a very smexy Junior Iplehouse Doll Boris, who looks a little like what you would get if you washed EID Arvid in very hot water. He really is a scaled-down adult sculpt, and very cool. even his hands are far better looking in person that they are in the Iplehouse promo photos, and also adult in shape.

And finally, here is Akutenshi's eye-modded Rheia, showing why I love Minifees--they are so full of personality!

We did find the cream soda, of which I am not a fan, so I got a package of more rice flour and bean jam candy, this time of "red and green" flavor. (Or "port and starboard" if you are eating them on a boat). It turns out that red, aka "pink" is sort of mildly "sakura" flavored, but mostly sweet, and "green" is not green tea, but something a lot like potpourri--what you smell when you walk into Michael's. I read the ingredients, and it is sugar, with more sugar, little bits of sugar, sucrose, sucralose, rice flour, red bean paste, agar, potato starch and mugwort. Aha, mugwort, Not sage or eucalyptus or thyme. I don't even know if you are supposed to eat mugwort, but with all that sugar I'm not sure my digestion will even notice. They are cute and squishy:

Next time I am going to bring a cooler so we can buy something more substantial, like Japanese basil, interesting cuts of meat and veggies.