The Photogenic Bush

The camera was very enthusiastic about the bush--it's a spirea (I think), maybe 40 years old, and quite nice. I had not really intended to climb around at 7 AM in the morning at 18 degrees to get a bush photo, but I finally just said "Fine" and took a picture of the bush by itself to satisfy what the camera wanted to focus on;

I should have turned on the "face recognition" mode but that would have meant taking off my gloves. Aelfric's temporary wig is growing on me--I did order one for him from Beachgirlnikita on ebay because I like her little inexpensive fur wigs, but he may end up keeping this uncombable Frankie instead. Mom knitted his shawl--it actually belongs to Bird, my Tremo, but it was too cold to take Aelfric out without something over his shirt. :D