Violet WIP

This is Violet, the "Hollow Head" that came with Raisin's body. Doll companies assume you will be happy switching heads back and forth, which is simply not true--there is no better way to drop the elastic down into the body or send the head flying around the room than trying to swap it with another head, even if you have chopsticks and hemostats and wiry arm muscles. Once a head is on a body, it tends to stay there, like some kind of corollary to Newton's Law. In Violet's case, she will get moved off the body she is temporarily on, since it is a AoD boy body not even remotely compatible with the styling of her head. It is marginally better than the glue bottle, though, because she won't fall off. Her faceup needs more work and I may go back to the all-black eyes she shipped with. She looks amazingly different than Tesla. This is the head that Soom is offering in the Free Choice Event, though not in purple.