Something for Cat

I am working on something for Cat, and since we had a rare moment of sunshine I took some photos so she would know how the pieces are supposed to go together. Cat has one of the rare purple Vesuvias (I think the Vesuvia's name is Violet) and like all Vesuvias, the tail is a problem for clothes. I made a little pair of pink satin pants that snap in the back (not quite done yet) and the skirt that just ties in the back,

and a little tube top that still needs it's strap sleeves, and a chunky bead necklace,

all in pink since I know Cat likes pink. The necklace was so much fun to make, I think Selket will get her own version of it in green and gold. It also just ties in the back right now


but I may make the next one with a bead-and-loop closure; something that isn't scratchy for the resin. I have more embroidered net to make something but I discovered that net is just gawdaful to sew. It sticks to everything but itself.

Now if I was just good at shoes, I'd make Violet some little pink slippers to go with the rest of the outfit!