Snow White at Soom

And here she is, with the MOST ADORABLE horns and hooves ever, with hooves small enough to go through pants and underwear openings :). There was complaining on Den of Angels that her head was "Too small" for the length of her neck, and I am not sure in person if that is true--for one thing, her head looks like the same size as ever--she does have a somewhat small face but with a blonde wig I think you would see even in the stock photos that she is proportional. Also Gneiss looked a bit the same in photos (with her head appearing to sit oddly on her neck) but in person she is lovely. I just regret that I have absolutely no room here for her and a pressing need for other things next year with my money than dolls. But I think she is gorgeous--if I had a mansion somewhere and a trust fund I would get one in each color. Pink horns, man! You can get her slightly more cheaply if you are willing to assemble her yourself, here is the page for the Christmas Kit.


  1. My guess is they will be hearing from Disney soon. You pretty much can't do anything even close to their stuff without getting a cease and desist. The "three changes" rule doesn't play with them. The dress looks wonderful, though.


    1. You know, I did wonder about that--the story is public domain but the dress is pretty iconic, at least in the pink version. The Mouse can be pretty aggressive too. At least a dress is easy to change.


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