"Who Needs Shoes?" (Inventory 2014)

Since J was home and could entertain the cat, I thought it would be a good time to take photos of all the dolls for the end-of-year head count. So I started setting them up on the worktable, and quickly realized that there wasn't going to be enough room. I decided would just photograph the girl dolls, and for every girl that needed shoes, I would raise her arm so I could remember who needed what.

Serendipity, the Soom Galena Sweet Witch, promptly tilted over on her stand, but I left her that way as it looks like she is asking Jack (Granado Terra) why he's mixed in with the girls. He could point out that Gideon (Impldoll Chapman) behind him is vaguely a guy too, but since Gideon is an angel, I'm not sure Gideon really understands gender.

In any case, while I have made progress in getting shoes for people, there remains a lot of work to do for 2015. A few dolls have hooves and finny feet and that helps a lot. The cute little colored soles that you see on a couple of dolls (Marguerite, the Luts Juri07b, and Jade, the Luts Lishe) are some fabric boots made by Cedarheart and sold on her Etsy shop.

Once everyone was set up, I realized that I needed to put Tatiana (the blonde with tan skin more or less in center front, in the ivory dress; a Soom Cuprit Soulmate) into her own wig instead of one borrowed from a boy doll; and in the process of finding the correct wig, I found Allegra, Soom Cass--who looks a little put out at being forgotten. At least Allegra has TWO PAIR of shoes, though she could use a pair of boots.

Her outfit is a steampunky one that I love--the kimono top is by SewingBox Designs, and the corset is by Buff, as are the black "silk" pants that you can't see. Wildwoodflower gave me Allegra's belt and gun, which was awesomely kind of her! Allegra was out of her usual spot in the closet because she finally has lashes. The poor thing has had to wait over a year for me to get around to putting them in.

Here it looks like Allegra is telling the Iplehouse girls (Jessica and Rebecca molds) that "There are at least three girls still stored under the bed" (all of whom need shoes, too) That would be Abraxas, the Soom Dia who has no clothes,Polly the DollZone Celine who needs feet, never mind shoes, and Martine, Impldoll Delia, who has a brand new dress-- but still no faceup since the Purity Seal turned out to be nearly as foggy as Mister Super Clear for faceups. Perhaps I need to warm the can up first.) But I did go and find Ereshkigal, who was still in a bag from a doll meet:

Ereshkigal( center front, Granado Gabe head on a Super Gem Topaz body) looks a little sullen. Everyone else now seems resigned to never getting shoes. Really, I promise. Next year shoes for everyone that wants them (I just got some pleather for Christmas :D )

Bonus--I also got Mirabelle out of her hiding place:

Mirabelle (Elfdoll Hazy)in the leopard bodysuit, could give a rat's backside about shoes; she just wants a throne. That almost seems easier than shoes.

I will photograph the boys tomorrow. And the photos are here: Boy Dolls 2014


  1. Wow. O_o Just---wow...

    I guess I am still under control when it comes to my collection, LOL! I LOVE the corset with the kimono, it's fabulous!


    1. I actually know of a few people with TWICE as many dolls as I have. However, these people are way more organized than most human beings and each doll has a place where they sit and all the stuff is in bins. Labelled. I'm pretty good with the stuff... but "because cat" no one can sit out on display, so dolls get put into strange corners. Then I forget I have them.

      That kimono is totally the bee's knees. And it's Allegra's now. :D


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