Shopping in France, and Ami Cyborg

One of my very favorite things to receive is wadded-up newspapers cushioning doll purchases. I always flatten them out and read them, and I am happy to report that Singaporean real estate agents look just like their American counterparts, that Finnish real estate pages show that all Finnish houses have charming kitchens and lake views, and that buying electronics in the UK is very expensive compared to the US. So you can imagine my joy in finding the grocery pages tucked around the Garnet head that was sent to me. It also was around lunchtime, and I was hungry. Look at those beautiful arrangements of food! And look, my same steak knives can be purchased in the grocery store!

and there must be a page of patisserie items... YES THERE IS and I see cherry pie!! and chocolate croissants...oh how divine to find these things in the grocery..wait... WHAT IS THAT??? NOOO...

Yes, it's rubbery imported fajitas! Oh France, where is your Minister of Culture now? You need to pass a law that says only expat Americans with ID can buy that stuff, because only nostalgia could make it tasty. If you must buy an "American" something, go for the Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which as I recall is now owned by a French company. It's worth eating.

And in other news, the lower half of Garnet arrived today from Soom. I was very happy, since nothing was broken, it was all neatly packed, and my Sidonia head looks fantastic on the body (Garnet will get her own body later next year). The only minor problem that while I had no less than 4 sets of hands shipped in the order, I didn't receive Garnet's hands, so you are looking at Dikadoll hands in the photo below. No big deal, I am sure we will get it sorted out in the next few days.

I love that new body so much--it's gorgeous and very posable. Here's just a shot of Ami's head (She is a Granado Sidonia)