Granado Events

Did you miss ordering a Gabe, or a Mads for yourself? (My first two images here are both Gabe; I painted one to match Soom Bronze). Mads is the necromancer in the third photo. Granado is making some of the past molds available again, not all of them, but some of the more popular ones. If you get Gabe get him on the Lads body--it was fun before but Crocus Lee has designed it with a few tweaks so it looks even more posable--you can get it with a waist joint now. Check out all the holiday things here. There is also a new head, "Mick", who looks a lot like an idealized Michael Jackson:

He's shown in Bronze, which is the most glorious color..I have a Nuevo body here in it and it is splendid and doesn't seem to show sanding marks, either.