Iplehouse Rebecca at Home

My intrepid space and time traveller is here! Bex O'Brien is ready to get some Barbarella-esque clothes and go exploring, once she gets the right sized eyes (even my Safrin 12mms were too big :o)

I like Iplehouse's default eyes but these were dark for photos.

Iplehouse also included a fantastic little booklet about the company, and I sat down and read it, leaving poor Bex to sit unattended in her bubble wrap. Here are some photos from the booklet:

This photo was because I ordered her head (which is an EID head) to be put on a SID body, which made it both a little easier to get clothes for her and also because it cost a bit less, plus I just like the styling of the SID body. The head fits perfectly on the neck, with full motion.

Anyway, here she is in her temporary wig and too-big eyes, but that will be fixed soon. She is actually much, much more gorgeous in person--she looks like Stella's cousin. And she is completely shoeless, poor thing!