A dress at Iplehouse

It's shown on "Harace" and while I have no real use for it, I think it's awesome. (No one here wears that style of dress. we're all freaky gothy fantasy, 18th century, and SF peeps here.) It also shows what I think Iplehouse dolls are the best at--looking fabulous posed quietly against some sumptuous background. They aren't really action figure types like the Granado dolls are.


  1. That's really what I would call a hot mess dress. O_o I bet that netting would tickle insanely if a human wore it.


    1. I think you are supposed to hold very still when you wear it, and just assume different poses. :D

    2. Nah, that's a dress you get into a show stopping argument at the Smithsonian charity ball with your date over the hat check girl he's flirted with, and throw your drink and your shoes at him and storm out backwards yelling at him---into the arms of a modestly financed but ruggedly handsome construction worker who's just coming back from the corner bodega with his sammich and a six pack while thinking about the reality of it all. He's conflicted but manages to save the sammich AND the beer and you from falling on your arse. The next morning, someone finds the dress, which has been thrown out the 3rd story window. You end up throwing a belt on over a flannel shirt and taking a cab home after scrawling your number on his mirror with a half dried up marker you found in a kitchen drawer. Daddy will just have to accept the fact that you're now dating a 'lumbersexual'. http://tiny.cc/yp3eqx

      There is waaaay to much drama in that dress.

    3. that is a whole novel in a dress! :D


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