Akutenshi Sews A Dress

A magnificent dress, by the way... and a Christmas present. And of course Sophie Cushion immediately stole it, on the basis that she has matching shoes, and Deserves the Best. She does look great in it, but it's so beautiful a potato would look beautiful in it!

So much handwork in the top!

More embellishments on the hem! Sophie of course thinks it's just perfect for her and the other girls can get their own ballgowns. They may have to wait a while!

Also, Akutenshi sews much better than I do. She created the pattern from scratch. :O


  1. I am amazed that the necklace she's wearing is a miniature of one I found ages ago in an 'antique' shop. I don't have it anymore to photo, but I was all O_O seeing that one. She looks fabulous as usual, her horns are fantastically suited to her.


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